R. Natalie P. Goodall Foundation (RNP)
for Research in Southernmost South America


A non-profit institute (known as a 'foundation' in Argentina) was founded on 28 September 2000 to continue and expand the scientific and historical research in southernmost South America, in particular the Archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, but including the Antarctic Peninsula and South Atlantic Islands, begun by Natalie Goodall in the early 1970s.

Long-range objectives

  • Promote, support and carry out projects of scientific or technical investigations related to the flora and fauna of the region, especially Tierra del Fuego and southern Patagonia, whose object is the development, knowledge and conservation of the natural habitat.

  • Manage the Museo Acatushún de Aves y Mamíferos Marinos Australes and carry out programs related to its protection, publicity, cultural and scientific development.

  • Create and maintain one or more study centers for students and scientists interested in the disciplines of southern history and science.

  • Offer and carry out work study internships or scholarship programs for students and scientists interested in these themes.

  • Promote and distribute scientific or historical studies produced by the foundation or other information related to its objectives.

  • Publish informative or scientific material such as books, magazines, folders which deal with the area and themes in question.

  • Give scholarships to deserving students for study in accredited universities.

  • Promote and maintain conventions of cooperation with other scientific or technical institutions in carrying out joint studies, interchange of students or teachers, or other activities which contribute to the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Give technical or scientific assistance to national or foreign, public or private authorities, in subjects related to nature, natural resources and their development.

  • Collaborate and advise on individual or coordinated educational projects in order to promote knowledge of and respect for nature. 

Contact Information

Dr. R. Natalie P. Goodall, Sarmiento 44, 9410 Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Tel. (54) (2901) 422742, Fax (54) (2901) 422743, e-mail:

Vet. Sheryl V. Macnie, e-mail:
Lic. Claudia C. Boy, e-mail: 
Dr. Adri‡n C.M. Schiavini, e-mail:

Non-profit donations to the research of Natalie Goodall in Tierra del Fuego 
can be made in her name to the Chairman, Committee for Research and Exploration, 

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